We cannot promise a regular 8 to 5 job. There will be times when you will work long hours to meet ambitious deadlines but we promise that when you work hard, you will also have the opportunity to play hard.

We don’t expect you to start work at 8. We know there are times you will work odd hours so if you want to lie in, you can do just that!

We promise you won’t have to wear a suit to work, well unless you have the rare privilege of meeting the president. In that case you’ll get an allowance to buy yourself a decent suit and tie.

We’ll take away all those classic HR Rules. You’ll get a chance to determine how you’re looked after.

We’ll pay you a salary that is commensurate with your skills not necessarily based on your years of experience. So if your skills are really hot, we’ll pay you a really hot salary. If you perform really well, you will own a piece of the company.

We’ll make sure you work on the latest technologies and only work with the smartest guys in the industry.

If this sounds interesting, join us, if not, please pass on this message to someone you know will love to work with us.